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Import And Export By Sea

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  • Import And Export By Sea

    FCL and LCL    NVOCC business      LCL business

    We aim to provide more safe, efficient, professional and enthusiastic all-round shipping services for new and old customers all over the world.


    Customs Clearance And Inspection

    An experienced customs clearance service team provides you with export customs declaration, cargo loading and unloading supervision, import customs clearance, and door to door services.

    Covering a full range of comprehensive logistics services such as customs clearance, bonded warehousing, domestic and foreign transportation logistics, and enterprise management consulting services. Strive to assist customers in reducing costs, improving efficiency, expanding production and business scale, and achieving development goals.

  • Land Trailer

    Currently, the company has 26 heavy and medium-sized container trailers, 15 tons of vehicles, and dozens of externally attached vehicles, including this supervision vehicle, flat car, crane locomotive, refrigerator car, and special trailer for dangerous goods, which can meet the trailer transportation needs of various customer groups.

    Project, Bulk Goods

    We can provide professional engineering project logistics, international bulk cargo shipping business. The business scope covers port services for heavy cargo, bulk cargo chartering, bulk dry bulk cargo ships, and other international transportation services for bulk cargo.

  • Railway

    China Europe, China Russia, Central Asia countries along the railway transportation package, full container, rail LCL, Shuangqing railway logistics services; Domestic railway connection; It can pick up goods at home nationwide, act as an agent for customs declaration and inspection, clear customs locally in Europe, and dispatch oversized goods by card. Participate in the formulation of industry rules for Tiepin and Tiepai logistics products, providing customers with new logistics channels with high cost performance.

    In order to further strengthen trade exchanges with Russia and Central Asian countries, the rail freight train has opened special round-trip trains between China, Russia, and Central Asia, covering the five Central Asian countries and various stations in Russia; In order to meet the transportation needs of large quantities of special goods such as steel, cement, coal mines, etc., the company has signed cooperation agreements with some railway ports on carriage (box cars&gondola cars) transportation.


    Material warehousing and management services;

    Material distribution, distribution, assembly, consolidation, and inventory inquiry services;

    Returning to the factory for bonded repair and re export business;

    Bonded warehousing business.

  • Personal Belongings

    Door to door international transportation services for personal items such as furniture and luggage

    Cross-Border e-Commerce

    It aims to provide cross-border e-commerce with more rapid, convenient, low-cost, high-quality, and standardized comprehensive logistics services

  • Insurance

    With the agency qualification of multiple insurance companies, we provide customers with a variety of cargo and transportation insurance schemes to escort your goods.


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