Export Fcl, Customs Declaration, Trailer And Other Comprehensive Services

Company name: Shanghai Chengguan Industrial Co., Ltd

Shanghai Chengguan Industrial Co., Ltd. has imported a batch of sea freight from Chicago, the United States, to Shanghai, China, under the name of coil steel. We need to provide door to door transportation services. Based on the characteristics of the guests and goods at both ends, we have developed solutions that meet the characteristics of the guests and goods, namely, low transportation costs and high efficiency. Booking, picking up, customs clearance, clearance from the port of departure, customs clearance from boarding to the final port of destination, tax payment, clearance, and delivery to the door. During this operation process, our sales, operation, and customer service colleagues correspond to different external communication objects, and internal communication is more careful, proactive, and efficient to successfully complete the business entrusted to us by our customers. The guests spoke highly of us and said that they had chosen our service correctly.

Pain Points to Solve:
◆  Overseas packing and reinforcement  

◆  Railway to sea transportation 

◆  Low cost and high timeliness