"Shining ocean 1.0, Win the Future!" The 2022 Annual Conference and Outstanding Commendation Conference concluded successfully!

On March 18th, the 2022 annual conference and outstanding recognition conference of "Shiningocean 1.0, Win the Future!", a grand event that Shiningocean people have been waiting for for for a long time, was held in Shenzhen, where the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. Group leaders, general managers of various subsidiary companies, and employee representatives gathered together to welcome the victory and participate in the grand event, with a full audience, talents, and peace and beauty. Looking up is spring, looking down is autumn. Standing in the magnificent banquet hall, my thoughts flew back to the rush of daily struggle. Looking back over the years, bitter and sweet, is a heavy achievement, but also the most regretless youth of every Shiningocean people. This year, Shiningocean people went hand in hand and braved difficulties! This year, Shiningocean people will not forget their original intentions, and work together for prosperity and construction! This year, Shiningocean people have gained a lot and are brave enough to be the first! We are full of ambition, and we set out fearlessly here! Tonight, good fortune returns to the sea. "We wave goodbye to 2022, March, and strive to be the first to win the spring and win the future together!"!

【A magnificent venue for the annual meeting】

With the lights on and the melodious sound of music, our grand and lively annual meeting officially began.

Chairman Wang delivered a speech at the annual meeting. The advantages of Shiningocean have become increasingly prominent, and various undertakings have taken on a dynamic new situation. These achievements are the crystallization of the unity and hard work of all Shiningocean people. Chairman Wang would like to express his gratitude to all colleagues for their efforts and wishes to everyone with lofty respect and heartfelt gratitude. Shiningocean Group and Shiningocean people will work together in the future to create a better future for Shiningocean!

Mr. Wang Yanzhi, Chairman Wang and acting representative of the Group's Chief Supervisory Officer, toasted Shiningocean people, looked forward to the future, and wished Shiningoceanpeople brilliant achievements!

Chairman Wang took the oath. All Shiningocean people face the oath and solemnly swear. With a firm voice, we guide Shiningocean people in their struggle for the future. We firmly believe in the expectations of all Shiningocean people!

Mr. Wang Yanzhi, Chairman Wang and the working representative of the Group's Chief Supervisory Officer, led our senior management team to sing our own songs, giving us strength and leading us towards the future and the brilliant "Song of Sea Light".


【Awarding ceremony】

The awards recognized this time include "Outstanding Contribution", "Best Contribution", "Best Performance", "Best T Volume", "Excellent Employee", "Excellent Storage and Management", "Excellent Collective", "Excellent Manager", and "Silver Eagle Award". A total of 84 people and 3 teams received recognition from the group. Witness together the glory of a typical example, and appreciate the power of an example. At the awards ceremony, there were familiar faces, some of whom were ignorant when they first arrived, and some of whom are confident and confident in their respective positions. Time flows, and the journey of pursuing dreams precipitates dreams and love, condenses faith and perseverance. Shiningoceanpeople dedicate the best of their youth to Shiningocean, and Shiningocean also provides a stage for everyone to grow. We work together to write a new chapter.


Emotion lingered, the atmosphere was full, and night fell. As the wonderful performance and lottery ceremony alternated, the atmosphere continued to rise, filled with a joyful atmosphere. The on-site staff scrupulously fulfilled their duties and perfected the grand event. Applause rises everywhere, and the ending tide falls, embellishing the stage with light and shadow, drawing in the distance from each other. We will turn our love into starlight, lighting up the endless darkness. May these happy moments constitute the driving force for progress in life. 22 years of dedicated service and value creation; Focus on development and achieve win-win results; We stand at a new starting point, shouldering responsibility and mission, proudly shouting, "Carry on and open up, Shiningocean has me!"!




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